We have tried to make this website as easy and intuitive as possible, however with so many features and functions it is hard to learn everything.  In an effort to simplify the learning process we have created this training page where we will accumulate as many training aids as we can.  Just scroll over the tabs at the top of the page and drop down menus will appear with the different topics.  We will be adding content regularly with an emphasis on short "How To" videos.  We will let you know when new content is added so you can check it out.  In the meantime any suggestions or feedback that you have will be greatly appreciated.

Here is a breakdown of what we have so far:

Getting Started:
  • Join (Instructions on how to join - it's free!)
  • Add a Recipe (step by step how to video)
  • How to Use MRM (link to an ebook with lots of info)
  • This has links to each video
Driving Traffic
  • Getting people to view your recipe.  We call this traffic
Tips and Tricks
  • Becoming a Featured Chef  (very cool, lots of benefits)
  • Creating a Featured Recipe (this is a good way to get your recipes seen)
Using the Features
  • The Magic Search (training on how to use our advanced search)
  • Creating a Cookbook (training on the cookbook feature)
  • Creating a Menu (training on how to use this feature)
  • Creating a Shopping List (training on how to use this feature)
MRM 4 Bloggers
  • An explanation of why bloggers should use this site
  • Some of the thousands of emails that we have received from people who love My Recipe Magic